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Is Target Back? Wall Street Says Buy with a Surprising Price Target!

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Target's stock suffered a 26% decline over the past two years due to various challenges.
Citi has upgraded Target's stock to "buy" with a surprising 12.5% upside price objective of $180 per share.
Strong Q4 earnings, driven by better inventory management and lower shipping costs, further boosted optimism
While guidance for Q1 2024 remains conservative, full-year outlook aligns with analyst expectations

After a tumultuous two-year period that saw Target's stock plummet 26%, Wall Street analysts are now overwhelmingly optimistic about the retail giant's prospects, setting the stage for a potential comeback and resurgence in 2024. Citi, a prominent investment bank, has upgraded Target's stock to a "buy" rating, with a surprising target price of $180, representing a 12.5% upside from current levels.


Is Target finally back on track and regaining its footing after its struggles? The analysts seem to think so, and here's why:


Target's struggles began in the summer of 2022 when the company warned of inventory accumulation and was forced to significantly lower prices to clear excess stock, weighing heavily on profitability. Subsequent challenges emerged, including an increase in shoplifting, a slowdown in consumer demand for discretionary items – Target's primary merchandise – and a cultural backlash over the company's Pride Month product offerings.


However, analysts believe that the worst is now behind Target, and 2024 will mark a pivotal year for the retailer's recovery.


Several key factors underpin this bullish analyst forecast and renewed investor optimism:

Improving general merchandise sales and profit margins: Target's core strength lies in its general merchandise offerings, which tend to generate higher profit margins than grocery products. As consumer demand for discretionary items recovers across the industry, analysts expect Target's profit margins to benefit significantly. Additionally, a reduction in shoplifting and product damage could further bolster profitability.
Cost-saving initiatives and operational efficiency gains: In 2022, Target announced plans to cut up to $3 billion in operating costs by 2025. Analysts believe these cost-saving measures will become increasingly tangible as sales growth resumes, with store traffic already rebounding since last summer's slump. Furthermore, Target's innovation initiatives, including a new loyalty program and expanded private label offerings, are expected to drive top-line growth.
Potential share buybacks and regaining Wall Street's confidence: While Target suspended share buybacks during its recent operational challenges, analysts anticipate the company will resume repurchasing shares even before 2025, when it still has $9.7 billion remaining in its August 2021 buyback program. This potential catalyst could provide a significant upside for the stock and signal renewed investor enthusiasm and optimism surrounding the retailer's turnaround prospects.

Target's current valuation also appears attractive, trading at a forward earnings multiple of 16.3 for the next year, significantly lower than its peers like Costco (42.6) and Walmart (24.3). The company's recent fourth-quarter results further bolstered optimism, with earnings per share of $2.98 exceeding analysts' expectations of $2.42, driven by improved inventory management and lower shipping costs.


Looking ahead, Target's guidance for the first quarter of 2024 remains conservative, with expected earnings per share between $1.70 and $2.10, compared to analysts' expectations of $2.08. However, the company's full-year earnings per share forecast of $8.60 to $9.60 aligns with Wall Street's projections of $9.15, indicating a potential for upside surprises as the year progresses.


Alongside the bullish analyst upgrades and price targets, Target's stock has received a much-needed vote of confidence from Wall Street's top research firms. The renewed investor enthusiasm and optimism surrounding the retailer's turnaround prospects have raised hopes for a potential rebound in the coming year.


Investors should closely monitor Target's execution of its turnaround strategy, including its ability to capitalize on the improving consumer environment, maintain cost discipline, and effectively deploy capital through share buybacks. While challenges remain, Wall Street's bullish forecast suggests that Target's darkest days may be behind it, paving the way for a potential comeback in the highly competitive retail landscape.


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